Legend of the Riders

In the on-going struggle between the gods of order and chaos, the guardians of light looked to humans to turn the tides of battle. These human warriors were known as Riders – Heroes gifted with the ability to tame the fiercest creatures in all of the land and use them in the battle against evil. These mythical beasts, once trained, would become weapons of immense power that could be mounted by Riders on land and in the air, leading them towards the path of ultimate victory.


Rider Warfare

As the tides of battle swiftly change, Riders must become experts in combat on both land in the air. Riders possess skills that amplify their powers to effectively deal significant damage to their targets. Using an enhanced combo skill system, Riders can deliver non-stop attacks against both single and multiple enemies without giving them a chance to fight back. Combining these powers with a combat ready mount, Riders are nearly unstoppable.

Beasts of Icarus

Since the creation of man, hundreds of deadly beast species have roamed the wild as a threat to civilization. From monstrous dragons of fire and ice to legendary winged steeds, these beasts can now be captured, tamed and trained as weapons in combat against the forces of evil. Whether you choose to ride them into battle, train them as pets to fight by your side or release their inner power to enhance your gear, each mount provides unique abilities and powers that will give their Rider the upper hand on the battlefield. And only the mightiest of Riders will find the rarest of mounts including one than can transport a contingent of Riders at once.

Video: An introduction to the Beasts of Icarus and how they can become mounts, pets and more!