DEV Blog #13 - Relics and the World Raid

Hello Riders!

We would like to sincerely apologize for providing this DEV Blog a lot later than what was promised. We'd like to discuss more about the Relics and the World Raid. There's been a lot of feedback about it may it be positive or negative as were there changes. We will continue to monitor these feedback and adjust it accordingly over time.

Invasion of the God of Ruin

When we first planned this update, an idea came to mind about relating the relic system and the world raid. It's formal title is supposed to be "Invasion of the God of Ruin" and it's first phase was launched with the Reliquary Update. We're excited to include stories, quests, and more events surrounding this invasion thus we have to plan the updates steadily to incorporate them smoothly.

The God of Ruin has plans to invade Midellas but had no idea how strong it's defenders were. Brancas and Merciless, the weakest generals wielding the relics of the God of Ruin, were sent to test the heroes capabilities but were eventually bested by the riders and have now access to the relics and use them against a god.


Regarding the Relic System

  • We want riders to be able to attain the 4th slot of the current relic in-game.
  • When riders finally attain the 4th slot, we want them to be able to get the stats that they want for themselves.
  • Once we're on that stage, we'll know that the relic system has effectively placed itself in-game and we can continue improving it.
  • In the last phase of the invasion, relics will be definitely needed.


Regarding the World Raid (Invasion of the God of Ruin)

  • The world raid will continue to be improved over time.
  • Boss grade monsters from the main story will be included in the raids.
  • These monsters will attack a different region per day.
  • Riders will get powerful equipment and materials from these monsters.


Regarding the Tempering System Revamp

  • The revamped system has been successfully developed and is under testing internally.
  • We are preparing how to replace the existing system smoothly.
  • The developers are doing their best to deliver the new tempering system as soon as possible.

We hope that these have answered at least some of the community's questions surrounding the Relic System and the World Raid. We hope to improve these two systems over the course of time and your feedback will always be appreciated and taken note of.

Thank you,

ICARUS Planning Team