Victorious Rabbini Cup Event

World Cup Theme Event

Welcome to Hakain's Crossing World Cup Theme event in Victory Plaza.



Visit Hakain's Crossing, we have brought you the World Cup Theme into the Victory Plaza. Support your respective bias Countries around the world! This is also a Perfect day to have the Rabbini Event. Let's see the details below.


Rabbini Cup Event

Time Zone

Start Time

Pacific Daylight Time

End of Maintenance (June 14, 2018)

Eastern Daylight Time

Central European Summer Time

Australian Eastern Standard Time


We have 9 NPCs for the Rabbini Cup in the Hakain's Crossing, Victory Plaza. Get your quest from the 8 NPCs represents the Countries that you wanted to support. Accepting the quest will earn you a Booster as a reward. The event will end from June 14 to July 14 have fun and enjoy our events ~


  • Quest
    • Choose any one of the Rabbini represents the country that you wanted to support.
    • The quest is just a short-term quest. Once accepted, you will earn a reward called "Country Trophy" Booster.
    • The country trophy will be based to your chosen country. (e.g Russia Trophy)
    • This booster will be exclusive only until the end of the event.


  • Country Trophies in The World Cup
Rabbini A Rabbini B Rabbini C  Rabbini D  Rabbini E  Rabbini F  Rabbini G  Rabbini H 
Russia  Portugal  France  Argentina  Brazil  Germany  Belgium  Poland 
Saudi Arabia  Spain  Australia  Iceland  Switzerland  Mexico  Panama  Senegal 
Egypt  Morocco  Peru  Croatia  Costa Rica  Sweden  Tunisia  Colombia 
Uruguay  Iran  Denmark  Nigeria  Serbia  Republic of Korea  England  Japan 
  • Buff
  •  Trophy Effect:
    • All Attributes +50
    • Overall Attack +20%
    • Health +20.00%
    • Overall Defense +20%


Rabbini Cup Familiar Taming

Dragons! Dragons everywhere. Let's spice things up from the Familiar Academy. Shall we start taming?

  • Gilded Infernal Demoroth
    • Can be found in Hakain's Crossing, Familiar Academy.
    • Respawns every 30 minutes.
    • It can be tamed using the Mark from the NPC Merchant Rabbini Sporty.


Gilded Infernal Demoroth.


  • Gilded Infernal Demoroth
  • Max Level:60
  • Can be sealed
  • Type: Air
  • Comes with the following skills:
    • Legendary Aura
      • Only Legendary familiars can use this skill. Provides resistance against all climate effects.


  • Gilded Infernal Demoroth Aura
    • Effects:
      • Level1: Overall Defense increased by 33%, Health increased by 34.00%, Stat Limit Break increased by 9, Movement Speed increased by 10%.
      • Level 60: Overall Defense increased by 46%, Health increased by 47.00%, Stat Limit Break increased by 9, Movement Speed increased by 10%.


  • Hakain's Crossing Recall
    • Transports you to Hakain's Crossing.


  • Seal Stone result at Level 60
    • Overall Defense +282
    • Health +429
    • All Attributes +22


Gilded Infernal Demoroth (Legendary)

Level 1

Level 60

DPS (Damage Per Second)



Physical Defense



Movement Speed



Attack Speed



Max Altitude




Familiar Adventure

 Will set your familiars out to adventure and came back with rewards.

  • Familiar Adventure
    • We have changed the rewards for the Sea of Hakana's Region for Familiar Adventure, "The Bulwark".
    • Regardless of Adventure level difficulty, you will have 20% chance of earning Victorious Energy.


Item list of Rewards

Lv. 40 Legendary Emblem Budget Feed (1 Hour) Victorious Energy (30 Pack)
Lv. 40 Blessed Legendary Emblem Adventure Point Potion (30) Victorious Energy (10 Pack)
Magic Dragon Essence Familiar EXP Potion (30%) Victorious Energy
Adventure Booster (10%) High Taming Familiar Elixir  


Gathering Affair

Having fun by gathering materials? We will make it more exciting! We will give you an extra reward by just gathering materials.

  • Gathering materials in the field give you a 5% chance to have a Victorious Energy x1


Victorious Fishing

I fished out something! Come here and let's find out more.

  • Fishing
    • Location: Stygaea
    • Reward: 15% chance to receive a Victorious Energy (10 Pack)


Rabbini Outbreak

Time Zone

Start Time

Pacific Daylight Time

End of Maintenance (June 14, 2018)

Eastern Daylight Time

Central European Summer Time

Australian Eastern Standard Time

Gather your army once again, Riders! The Brown Bear Rabbini has invaded the Hakain's Crossing. Slaughter them with your own hands and get a reward that you deserved.

Travel through the Hakain's Crossing and speak with the NPC Rabbini Sporty found in Victory Plaza. Accepting the quest Defeat Brown Bear Rabbini will provide you information to kill the Brown Bear Rabbini that will show in the North, South, and East of Hakain's Crossing that will spawn in every 20:00 - 21:00, UTC. Complete the quest by killing the Brown Bear Rabbini and you will get the reward "Victorious Energy".


Brown Bear Rabbini

  • Quest
  • Defeat Brown Bear Rabbini 
    • Kill Brown Bear Rabbini in every entrance of North, South, and East of Hakain's Crossing.
    • Monster will spawn every day 20:00, UTC and will despawn 21:00, UTC if not defeated.
    • The monster will be defeated after players have used the Rabbini Carrot Dynamite on it after enough times.
    • No ordinary attacks or skills can deal damage the Brown Bear Rabbini.


Russian Carrot Dynamite


  • Russian Carrot Dynamite
    • Upon accepting the quest from the NPC Rabbini Sporty you will be able to receive a certain item that will help you decrease the Brown Bear Rabbini's HP.
  • Conditions upon defeating Brown Bear Rabbini
    • Hit the Brown Bear Rabbini x1
    • Be near within the range of the Brown Bear Rabbini to be able to complete the quest.
  • Reward
    • You will be able to receive Victorious Energy (10 Pack) after defeating the monster.



Rabbini Sporty (Victorious Energy Shop)

  • Rabbini Sporty (Victorious Energy Shop)
    • Merchant NPC that will provide items when you exchange a certain amount of Victorious Energy.


Item list exchange for Victorious Energy


 Item Name  Victorious Energy Exchange
Gilded Infernal Demoroth Mark 640
+5 Legendary Seal Stone Extractor 130 
Legendary Brave Soul Crystal 130 
Legendary Mighty Soul Crystal 130 
Legendary Refining Stone Package 190 
Legendary Honing Stone Package 190 
Legendary Familiar Tempering Soul Crystal (3 Pack) 320 
Tempered Adamantium Ingot x25 130 
Tempered Adamantium Alloy x25  130 
Zelnaris's Soul Stone x6  320 
Alsacian Energy x10 320 
Alsacian Blessing x15 320
Crokhoon Whetstone x40 320
Crokhoon Counterweight x40  320 
Crokhoon Electrode x40  320 
Crokhoon Dye x40  320 
Lv. 240 Elite Tempering Stone (2 Pack)  60 
Lv. 220 Elite Tempering Stone (5 Pack)  60 
+15 Legendary Equipment Tempering Stone  950 
Hero's Blessing Potion  640 
Rabbini Cup Lucky Box 320 
Victorious Energy Lucky Box 320 


Rabbini Cup Lucky box Item list

Gilded Infernal Demoroth Mark Legendary Honing Stone Package Alsacian Energy x10 Crokhoon Dye x40
+5 Legendary Seal Stone Extractor Legendary Familiar Tempering Soul Crystal (3 Pack) Alsacian Blessing x15 Lv. 240 Elite Tempering Stone (2 Pack)
Legendary Brave Soul Crystal Tempered Adamantium Ingot x25 Crokhoon Whetstone x40 Lv. 220 Elite Tempering (5 Pack)
Legendary Mighty Soul Crystal Tempered Adamantium Alloy x25 Crokhoon Counterweight x40 +15 Legendary Equipment Tempering Stone
Legendary Refining Stone Package Zelnaris's Soul Stone x6 Crokhoon Electrode x40 Hero's Blessing Potion


Victorious Energy Lucky Box List


Item Name
Victorious Energy (50 Pack)
Victorious Energy (100 Pack)
Victorious Energy (200 Pack)
Victorious Energy (300 Pack)
Victorious Energy (500 Pack)
Victorious Energy (700 Pack)
Victorious Energy (1000 Pack)



Field and Dungeon Event

Draw your sword, use magic spells, heal your friends, tank the enemies. It's time for us to Raid the Field and Dungeon! Completing the dungeon will earn you a reward, Victorius Energy. See the list of the field and  dungeon below:


Dungeon Name Dungeon Raid Quests Dungeon Mode Rewards
Lavalight Cave Defeat Emberstone Golemn Legendary Victorious Energy (10 Pack) x2
Frost Keep Defeat Rondo Terramunce Legendary Victorious Energy (10 Pack) x3
Temple of Sands Defeat Jayce the Wicked Legendary Victorious Energy (10 Pack) x5
Elder's Bastion Defeat Duke Elder Legendary Victorious Energy (10 Pack) x5
Stygaea Defeat Van Deken -- Victorious Energy (50 Pack) x3
Stygaea Defeat Oruun -- Victorious Energy (50 Pack) x3


Character Slot

Having problems trying all the characters in-game? Worry not, we have increased one character slot for everyone!

  • Character Slot
    • Maxed Character Slot increased from 6 to 7.
    • Buy character slot voucher in order to unlock the 7th Character slot. (Default of 4 character slots and 3 purchasable slots).



New Achievement added. Check your achievement window in the familiars tab in game.

  • Gilded Infernal Demoroth the Untamable
    • Fail to tame 10x Gilded Infernal Demoroth
    • Reward:
      • Fated Gilded Infernal Demoroth Mark
        • A mark that will 100% guarantee your ability to tame the Gilded Infernal Demoroth.