DEV Blog #12 - MacBain Merchant Update and Future Content

Hello Riders!

First of all, although this blog is supposed to be a DEV blog, we'd like to introduce ourselves as the ICARUS Planning Team.

Spring has come after the long winter has passed and new things are coming our way. We're sure that every single one of you has so many questions about the future of ICARUS. We want to express our heartfelt thanks for your unending patience and support with an apology for being this late with the news. The development has halted for ICARUS for almost a year, as many of you have noticed, due to unforeseen circumstances but rest assured that starting from now, the direction of the development for the game will improve gradually in the coming months so as to not disappoint everyone that has continued to wait and support us.

"The Development and Planning Team wants to communicate more with the players and make more content for everyone."

The Development and Planning Team will continuously work together with the Operation Team and listen to your suggestions, feedback, and concerns about the game. If any of the suggestions or feedback are feasible, we will make it a reality with the condition of taking our time to create it so that it comes out perfect. Regarding the bugs that the game currently has, we have already collected them and are already investigating these issues. While we won't publicly list each and every one of the bugs we've collected in this blog, rest assured, they will be fixed.

"The DEV Blog will continue to update every month to discuss about ICARUS's development."

Now that that's out of the way, here's our 2018 Plan:

MacBain Merchants

The MacBains are a family of special merchants that are never fazed at the sight of danger. They will only sell to those worthy of their wares in exchange of highly sought-after coins. The owner of the MacBain Merchants, "John MacBain", will be located in the Victory Plaza at Hakain's Crossing. In order to trade with John MacBain, riders will need MacBain Coins that can be collected as a reward from the various quests that the MacBains give called the "Test of the MacBains". These coins can be exchanged for materials for crafting Inheritance Equipment.By the time this DEV Blog has been posted, the MacBain Merchants should already be in-game and are already selling their high-quality products.

John MacBain


Example of MacBain-Related Items

Alsacian Soul Stone

Alsacian Energy

Alsacian Blessing

Zelnaris's Mark

Zelnaris's Soul Stone

MacBain Coin


Tempering System Improvement

We're planning on improving the existing tempering system towards the direction of more clarity and simplicity. Plans for this improvement are as follows:

  1. Due to the amount of new equipment and changes, the amount of Tempering Stones required will be decreased.
  2. Modulate the difficulty of tempering to reduce the players' burden.
  3. Make the system more intuitive.

Planning is already on the way and the month of projected update should be by the end of May. We hope you look forward to it as much as ourselves.


World Cup Event

We are also preparing for the World Cup Event to celebrated the Russian World Cup 2018. Details about it will be provided in the next DEV Blog.


Turimnan Update

One of the major updates of this year will be the opening of the region of Turimnan.


Since it was released in Korea, the region gained a negative impact in the Korean server. Once it arrives to NA and EU servers, a lot of changes will be made and improved to suit you.

We plan to release the update on August however, due to how big the update is and the changes that will follow, we would like to remind everyone that this is only a set goal for now.

Any updates regarding the progress of the development will be explained in future DEV Blogs.


Ellora's Spire Update

"In unity, there is strength."

Party Mode for Ellora's Spire is in the works. A minimum of 1 person to 3 people can party up and participate. The more people you have in the party, the better rewards there'll be for everybody else.







This concludes our DEV Blog for the month of April. There are a lot of other various plans we have but opted not to share just yet until the time is right. We hope to you'll stay tuned for the next blog soon. We appreciate the love and effort you've invested to the ICARUS. We will do our best to match your expectations from us and let us all enjoy playing this amazing game together.


Thank you,

ICARUS Planning Team