Shady Warrens Update Patch Notes

Take a look at the newest content and features that will be coming up in the Shady Warrens update!

Table of Contents


Major Updates

Ellora’s Shop

Ellora’s Shop has been updated with new items! Get your hands on exciting items such as:

  • Surf 'n' Sun Lucky Box
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Legendary Refining Stone Packages
  • Temper Master Package III
  • Premium Tempering Stone Box II
  • New Swimsuit Outfits

For more information on the updates in Ellora’s Shop, click here


Shady Warrens

Deep in the mountains of Windhome Canyon lies the home of the Rabbinis of Midellas. The Rabbinis have retreated into their domain, hoarding precious metals and materials of the land. Within this domain, conventional combat and skills are negated, forcing Riders to adapt and utilize whatever means are available to them. Dive into the surreal and see how far the rabbit hole takes you!

How to Enter:

  • To enter the Shady Warrens, Riders must complete the "Shady Rabbini" quest chain starting with "Shady Rabbini I", received by Chase, in Hakain's Crossing Victory's Plaza.

Entry Requirements:

  • A Rider must be level 53 or higher to enter the Shady Warrens.


  • Shady Warrens is a solo experience dungeon that is limited to only 1 Rider.
  • Entry into Shady Warrens is limited to 1 entry per 12-hour period.
  • Riders are unable to utilize their basic attack and skills to do damage.
  • In order to do damage to the Rabbinis, Riders must collect Carrot Bombs, Pumpkin Bombs, and Ultimate Pumpkin Bombs.



New Fishing Items

  • Fishing Rods - All rods have a set time duration on how long they can be used.
  • Bait - One item used per fishing attempt.
  • Auto-Reel - Allows players to fish automatically (skipping the mini-game). One item used per fishing attempt. Auto-Reels have an inherently lower percentage than manual fishing for successful attempts.

Fishing Locations

  • Hakain’s Highlands – Divinity Shore Fishery – East of Broken Caldera
  • Sea of Hakanas – Rainbow Reef Fishery – South of Fort Baellas
  • Cloying Wastes – Philosopher’s Fishery – Northwest of Hermit’s Town
  • Ellora Sanctuary – Elgaden Fishery – East of Elgaden
  • Stygaea – Eternity Lake – Northwest of Trigg’s Pub

Fishing NPCs

  • Noel, Fishery Manager
    • Fishing Quests
    • Fishing Tips
  • Lessair, Fishing Merchant
    • Fishing Rods, Bait, and Auto-Reel
  • Aileen, Fishing Merchant
    • Premium Bait and Fish

How to Fish

  • Purchase a fishing rod and bait from one of the fishing NPCs.
  • Pick a designated location from the list of locations, and head towards the water. A prompt will appear when it's possible to start fishing.
  • Hit "F" to start fishing.
  • When a fish is caught, a mini-game will become active for 5 seconds. The marker will sway left and right, slowing down as time passes. Press "SPACE" when the marker is within the circle for a successful catch.


Game Feature Updates and Changes

Game Feature Changes

Legendary Dungeon Loot

Adjustments were made to the Lv. 40 and Lv. 50 Legendary Mode Dungeon Loot Tables.

  • Additions
    • Increase amount of drops for Legendary Equipment and Items.
  • Removal
    • Some of the less valuable items from the boss loot tables have been removed.


The Fractura Raid received similar loot revamps like the Legendary Dungeons

  • Additions
    • Karasha and Exalted Legendary Equipment loot added for each boss.
    • Gem Lv.6 Recipe Added to the boss loot table.
    • New revival point added in the lower area of Fractura.
  • Removal
    • Some of the less valuable items from the boss loot tables have been removed.


Major changes have been made to crafting Legendary Equipment. The hurdles for crafting equipment has been reduced. Triumphant crafting will also be a great way to get some of the best equipment in the game.

  • Legendary Equipment crafting success rates increased.
  • Triumphant Crafting chances greatly increased.
  • Legendary Crafting Material requirements have been reduced.

Summer Decorations

Victory Plaza has undergone a renovation in preparation for the summer season!


Bug Fixes and Known Issues

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with auto attack activating when using a skill on cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue with daily world boss quests not properly awarding all participating players.