Sandstorm Update Patch Notes

Take a look at the newest features and events we have added in the Sandstorm update!

Table of Contents


Major Updates

Ellora's Shop

Ellora's Shop has been updated with new items! Get your hands on exciting items such as:

  • January Lucky Box featuring Ice-Armored Kerav and Blue Diaguul mounts
  • Fallen Angel costume, wings, weapon skin, and whole package
  • Balanced Intricate Bracelet featuring three gem slots
  • Legendary Weapon and Armor Refining Stone Package
  • Talisman Package
  • Warp Pass: Ellora's Spire
  • Ultimate January Package
  • For more information on the updates in Ellora's Shop, click here.

New Field Raid Boss: Sandstorm

A new threat arises from the sands of Cloying Wastes! A spirit long asleep, Sandstorm awoke empowered with the God of Ruin's magic and has become a hulking body of destruction. This giant field raid boss uses his massive size to generate strong gusts of wind to obliterate all who stand in his path.

  • Sandstorm is recommended for level 50 Riders
  • Sandstorm can be found in Terminus Dunes area found in the southern section of Cloying Wastes
  • Riders will need a much larger group to battle Sandstorm than previous field raid bosses. Forty Riders are recommended for this encounter.
  • Field raid boss loot rules apply. Loot is distributed as follows to your party or raid:
    • 80% and greater of the damage dealt to the field raid boss by your party or raid: 3 loot boxes for each Rider in the group
    • 40% - 79% of the damage dealt to the field raid boss by your party or raid: 2 loot boxes for each Rider in the group
    • 5% - 39% of the damage dealt to the field raid boss by your party or raid: 1 Loot box for each Rider in the group
    • 4% or less of the damage dealt to the field raid boss by your party or raid: No loot box for Riders in the group
  • Riders who find the strength to bury Sandstorm may discover great treasures including:
    • Gear Sets – Capital Commander, Tyrant, and Karasha
      • Tyrant set has a chance to be tempered up to level 15

New PvP Zone: Stygaea

Enter Stygaea, the land of the dead! The Khabim Brotherhood discovered an entrance to this new zone in the Exarahn Badlands. They now have a plan to use Stygaea and its ghoulish monarchs to conquer Hakanas. You must ally yourself with others to stop the Khabim Brotherhood's plan while also defending yourselves from rival groups of Riders.

  • Stygaea a new server vs server PvP zone where Riders are friendly with all Riders from their server and all others are enemies!
  • Entry into the Stygaea is limited to Riders who are level 40 and above.
  • Riders can enter Stygaea through the portal west of the cemetery in Exarahn Badlands

  • There are more than 60 new quests located within Stygaea
  • Manastone Battles in Stygea will happen on the following schedule:
    • Baellas, Hakain, Kalas
      • Sunday 1:00 UTC (Saturday, 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST)
    • Koroshimo, Velzeroth, Akaldus
      • Saturday 18:00 UTC (7:00 PM CET)
    • Manastone Battles in Stygaea are restricted to level 50 Riders
    • Manastone Battles have a time limit of 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • The winning server receives the "Glory of Triumph" buff that's active for 6 days outside of Stygaea. The entire winning server receives the following bonuses from the buff:
    • Overall Attack +3%
    • Overall Defense +3%
    • Health +5%
    • Guild Points Earned +20%
    • Taming Chance +3%
    • Rare Drop Chance +20%
  • Riders can earn Stygaea Coins in order to purchase the following items:
    • Modest Slayer Set Box
    • Modest Slayer Familiar Equipment Box
    • Austere Slayer Set Box
    • Austere Slayer Familiar Equipment Box

New Solo Challenge Dungeon: Ellora's Spire

The Griffin Knights once used this tower for training and preparing their troops to protect the Temple of Sands against evil. New monsters, influenced by the God of Ruin's power, have taken over Ellora's Spire and the bravest Riders must now charge up the spire one-by-one in search of riches and renown.

  • Ellora's Spire is a solo challenge dungeon for level 50 riders and above
  • Ellora's Spire has 30 floors, each floor with a boss presenting a new and greater challenge than the floor before it
  • Ellora's Spire can be accessed once a day
    • Ellora's Spire resets each day at 4:00 UTC
    • Ellora's Spire is unavailable from 3:00 UTC to 5:00 UTC each day while weekly and monthly ladders are updated
    • Ellora's Spire cannot be reset with Elluns
  • The entrance to Ellora's Spire is near Braghin Mine in the western part of Cloying Wastes
  • Riders have a time limit of 40 minutes to complete their run
  • Riders will gain a class-specific debuff upon entering Ellora's Spire that will last the duration of their dungeon run
  • Riders will receive a score once they've either cleared all 30 floors, fail in a boss encounter, or the timer expires. The score is based on the height of floor reached and the time spent in the dungeon. The higher you go and the faster you get there, the higher the score!
  • Each class has both a weekly and monthly ranking ladder
    • Your best single score for that period of time determines your place on the ladder
    • The weekly ladder resets each Monday at 4:00 UTC
    • The monthly ladder resets on the first day of the new month at 4:00 UTC
  • Riders who attempt to climb Ellora's Spire may discover great treasures from boss drops, weekly rewards, and monthly rewards including:
    • Familiar marks
    • Karasha equipment and recipes
    • Buff potions and talismans
    • Bracelets and gems
    • Challenger Coins
      • Challenger Coins can be spent at NPC Eddy Smith found at the entrance of Ellora's Spire
  • Riders who rise to the top of the Weekly and Monthly Ladders will earn additional incredible rewards such as:
    • Weekly Rank 1 Reward:
      • Halcyon Dragon Arcane Outfit (7 Day)
        • Health +2500
        • Overall Attack +400
        • PvP Defense +10%
        • All Attributes +40
        • A successful hit has a 5% chance to stun enemies and increase party member EXP
      • Ellora's Spire Gift Box (x10)
      • Ellun Box (300)
    • Monthly Rank 1 Reward:
      • Halcyon Dragon Weapon Skin (30 Day)
        • Health +5000
        • Overall Attack +7%
        • PvP Defense +7%
        • Stat Limit Break +100
        • Attacks have a 3% chance to restore your health by 4% every 2 seconds for 10 seconds
      • Shoulder Crow (30 Day)
        • Health +3600
        • Overall Attack +360
        • Cooldown -12%
        • All Attributes +36
        • Attacks in Ellora's Spire have a 2% chance to increase Attack by 30%, Defense by 30%, and Critical Rate by +20%
      • Ellora's Spire Lucky Box II (x15)
      • Ellun Box (600)

Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby

Party up with Riders across all the servers in your region (North America or Europe) to challenge the dungeons in Riders of Icarus! Find a group faster, clear more dungeons, grab more loot, and bond with more of your fellow Riders with the Cross-Server Dungeon Finder. 

  • The Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby is a way for Riders to form parties for any dungeon-- including legendary dungeons, Attaius Peak, and Gustling Isle-- with Riders from other servers in their region (North America or Europe)
  • Transit Shrines can be found near each dungeon and in Hakain's Crossing that will take players to the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby associated with that dungeon. The Hakain's Crossing Transit Shrine allows Riders to select their lobby.


  • After taking the Transit Shrine to the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby, Riders can use the Transit Shrines to select a different Lobby:
    • Levels 15 to 25 (Carleon Mansion, Lavalight Cave, and Ruins of Matren)
    • Levels 35 to 40 (The Breach, Cavern of the Veil, The Frost Keep and Lair of Ienos [Lair of Ienos remains a solo dungeon])
    • Level 50 (Temple of Sands, Fortress of Sorrows)
    • Raid Dungeon lobby (Attaius Peak and Gustling Isle)
      • Riders who wish to enter Legendary Carleon Mansion, Lavalight Cave, and Ruins of Matren will need to enter via the Level 15 to 25 Lobby.
  • Riders can use the Cross-Server Party Board or invite players within the Lobby to their party. You can find the Cross-Server Party Board by clicking the Social button in the menu bar and then clicking 'Find Party'
  • Once the party is formed, you may head into the dungeon portal found in the lobby
  • Mailbox, Trading, Market broker, and Add Friend features cannot be used in the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby

New Familiars

New familiars can be discovered within Stygaea, giving Riders access to more mounts, pets and seals to power up gear! Familiars that can be discovered and tamed include:

Elite Familiars
Vemigus, Sharack, Poelle, Kunos, Hiber, Gurion, Balor

Heroic Familiars
Magnatu, Finion, Calypos

Legendary Familiars

New familiars can be found in Ellora's Spire as well. Familiars that can be discovered and tamed include:

Common Familiars

Legendary Familiars
Awakened Calypto, Awakened Demonous, Awakened Hameon


Lunar New Year Tour

Event Dates: January 25, 2017 – February 8, 2017

Take a tour of the world and earn great buffs and a Lunar Lucky Pouch! Riders must first speak to NPC Eldred between Victory Plaza and Hakanas Castle in Hakain's Crossing to pick up the "Greeting a New Year" quest.

Then you must visit NPC Elder James in Hakanas Highlands, NPC Nicholas Cole in Parna's Coast, and NPC Elder Bartolo in Cloying Wastes. You can visit those three NPCs in any order. Once you've completed the quest, you will earn the following:

  • Rice Cake (x10)
    • Increase the following stats for 10 minutes:
    • Physical Attack +3%
    • Magic Attack +3%
    • Physical Defense +3%
    • Physical Critical Rate +2%
    • Magic Critical Rate +2%
    • Base Health Regen +5%
  • Lunar Lucky Pouch

Here are the potential items you can find inside the Lunar Lucky Pouch:

Item Name Attributes Tradability
Mount: Pokino   Untradeable
Ellun Lucky Box 5 – 20 Elluns Untradeable
Qipao Outfit (7 Day) Increase currency drops by 10% Untradeable
White Qipao Outfit (7 Day) Increase currency drops by 10% Untradeable
Black Qipao Outfit (7 Day) Increase currency drops by 10% Untradeable
Lv. 130 Elite Tempering Stone   Untradeable
Lv. 115 Elite Tempering Stone   Untradeable
Lv. 95 Elite Tempering Stone   Untradeable
High Taming Elixir   Tradeable
Complex Familiar Orb   Tradeable

Stygaea Conquerors

Event Dates: January 25, 2017 to February 16, 2017

Be victorious in a Stygaea Manastone Battle and earn bonus rewards! Accept the quest “Vantara Manastone Battle” from NPC Vantara Manastone Oracle in Trigg’s Pub or Freemen Village in Stygaea. Once the Manastone Battle has completed and you are part of the winning server, speak to the oracle again to receive your rewards! This bonus does not apply to Exarahn Badlands Manastone Battles. The Victory Penalty Debuff after a Manastone Battle Victory will not be active during the event!

  • Event Rewards:
    • Mount: Awakened Nightmare
    • Title: Stygaea Conqueror
      • PvP Attack Rate +3%
      • PvP Defense +2%
    • Stygaea Coins (x70)


Champions of the Spire

Event Dates: January 25, 2017 – February 16, 2017

Compete for the "Champions of the Spire" title! Each week during this event, on the weekly Ellora's Shop ranking ladder, the top ranked Rider for their class on each server will earn the "Champion of the Spire" title. This title provides the following stat bonuses:

  • All Attributes +7
  • Cooldown -2%

This title will be provided via a consumable item delivered to that Rider's Ellora's Storage. The item and title cannot be traded.

Worlds Unite

Event Dates: January 25, 2017 to February 16, 2017

Join your fellow Riders in the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby and earn bonus rewards each day! Speak to NPC Barsia at Victory Plaza in Hakain's Crossing to accept the "Worlds Unite" quest. Enter into the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby and join a party. Complete a Heroic Dungeon for 2 Unity Mark and a Legendary Dungeon for 3 Unity Marks. Riders must be near the final boss when defeating it in order to complete the quest.

The following items can be purchased with Unity Marks. Items must be purchased during the event duration. Items will not be available for purchase after the event ends. The marks and these items cannot be traded.

Item Name Marks Notes
Karasha Guardian Armor Box 35 1 random piece of Karasha armor
Karasha Berserker Armor Box 35 1 random piece of Karasha armor
Karasha Assassin Armor Box 35 1 random piece of Karasha armor
Karasha Wizard Armor Box 35 1 random piece of Karasha armor
Karasha Priest Armor Box 35 1 random piece of Karasha armor
Karasha Ranger Armor Box 35 1 random piece of Karasha armor
Karasha Jewelry Box 50 1 random Karasha accessory
Karasha Guardian Weapon Box 45  
Karasha Berserker Weapon Box 50  
Karasha Assassin Weapon Box 45  
Karasha Wizard Weapon Box 50  
Karasha Priest Weapon Box 45  
Karasha Ranger Weapon Box 45  
Karasha Vambrace Box 20  
Karasha Mounted Weapon Box 50 1 random Karasha mounted weapon
Karasha Crest Box 20  
Karasha Shield Box 20  
3 Slot Bracelet 100  

Game Feature Updates and Changes

Other Game Feature Additions

  • Temper Effect per Level added
    • The effect is triggered when weapon/armor/mounted weapons (this does not include sub weapons like vambraces) are equipped.
    • Bonus stats at the temper level are:
      • All equipment +13: All Attack 1%
      • All equipment +17: All Attack +2%
      • All equipment +20: All Attack +3%
      • All equipment +25: All Attack +5%
    • All equipment has to be at the appropriate temper level stated above in order to get the boost.
  • New achievements added
  • Debuff at Exharan Badlands for the winning Manastone Battle team has been increased
    • PvP Defense increased from -10% to -30%
    • PvP Resistance increased from -10% to -30%
    • Critical Damage Reduction -200 to -600

Bug Fixes and Known Issues

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the Exharan Badlands debuff for EU region was not being applied.
  • Fixed the issue where the Exharan Badlands debuff for EU region was not being applied.
  • Fixed the issue where holding a skill button and pressing “Enter” key causes automatic skill usage
  • Fixed the issue where the Legendary Emblem (3 Pack) was not considered Legendary grade
  • Fixed spacing issues on the description for following familiars
    • Crystal Voknos
    • Amethyst Kibaren
    • Golden Kibaren
  • Fixed the issue of the level 34 quest “Velzeroth” quest markers appearing for low level players on the map
  • Fixed the ranger talent skill “Entropic Restraint” not drawing in enemies for the full length of the effect
  • Fixed the issue of the Heroic Familiar Orb appearing as an Elite-grade material
  • Fixed the tooptip description issues for the +5 Heroic Seal Stone Extractor
  • Fixed the name of the Aethorus Familiar Skin Package
  • Fixed the text issue being cut-off for the “[Dungeon] Fortress of Sorrow quest”
  • Updated the name and description of the Rodos Mark to the Deathbeak Rodos Mark
  • Fixed the name display error for the [Elite] Corrupted Crokhoon Corpse Trainer
  • Fixed the spelling error in the quest “Merchant Property”
  • Fixed the quest title display error on the quest “[Heroic] Rabbini vs Temple of Sand”
  • Fixed the quest title display error on the quest “Lure of the Demigod”
  • Fixed the quest title display error on the quest “[Heroic] Rabbini vs Fortress of Sorrows”
  • Fixed the quest title display error for the Daily Mission “[Familiar] Shakiba’s Fairies”
  • Fixed the quest title display error on the quest “Welcome to the Golden Peak”
  • Fixed texts pacing issues for the item “Vampiric Orb”

Known Issues

  • The map quest marker is currently not appearing on the Vantara Manastone Oracle NPC for manastone battles in Stygaea
  • Leaving cross-server dungeon will cause the Event tab on the Ellora’s Shop to not appear
  • The temporary fix is exiting to the character select screen and then clicking “Start Game”
  • Cross-server transit shrine in Cloying Wastes is labeled incorrectly as a level 60 transit shrine
  • Vantara Manastone Oracle in Stygaea incorrectly states that you need to be in a guild or militia
  • The passive skill “Cry of Thunder” on the Solus the Thunderbird familiar is not ranking up properly between level 5 and level 6
  • "Calypos' Mark Recipe" and "Finion's Mark Recipe" are currently dropping from Heroic and Legendary mobs in Stygea, but they currently have no functionality at this time