Update on Alliance System Changes

Good day Riders!

On September 23, 2016, a Letter from the Producer was sent out announcing the temporary removal of the Alliance system and changes to Manastone Battles. After hearing from our community and further evaluating the impact it would have on the game, we have decided to keep the Alliance system in place for the time being as we continue to work towards improving this game feature and its contribution to the player experience.  We understand that our Riders care deeply about the social and community uses that Alliance system provides and therefore we believe it should remain in-game.

However, we will continue to proceed with the temporary suspension of the Alliance War feature as previously noted.  Additionally, we will continue with the change to now allow Rank 3 Guilds to join the Militia as well as strengthening the Militia buff for Manastone Battles in order to assist the Militia with becoming more competitive in this event despite the disadvantage of not being as organized as an Alliance. The updated Militia Buff Effect has been improved by 200% via the following changes:

  • PvP attack increased from 20% to 40%
  • PvP Resistance increased from 30% to  60%
  • PvP Defense increased from 30% to 60%
  • Max Health increased by 20%

To recap how the Militia works, they allow Riders who are either not in Guilds or Alliances or are in Rank 3 Guilds or smaller to band together to participate in Manastone Battles against the larger Guilds and Alliances.  While Riders in the Militia will benefit from the larger size of the group, the Manastone Battle reward will be limited to the Militia member and their respective Guild (if any).  Each Guild should consider the trade-off and decide whether to join a larger group that lacks coordination or to participate as a smaller, but coordinated Guild.

Since Riders of Icarus is still currently in Open Beta, these updates are subject to change as we continue to evaluate and review feedback and improve the experience. We appreciate your patience and look forward to receiving more of your feedback as we continue to work on improving the Riders of Icarus experience during Open Beta.

- The Riders of Icarus Team -