DEV Blog #4 - Play PVP in the Exarahn Badlands

Greetings, Riders! My name is BK, and I manage overseas development for Riders of Icarus at WeMade. We are excited to announce that expanded PvP content for Riders of Icarus will be added to the game later this month! You will now be able to enjoy and compete in large-scale combat activities against your fellow Riders. We hope that guild members will forge bonds in battle and develop rivalries with other guilds through the Exarahn Badlands and Guild Alliance War. 


Riders enter this PvP area through a dimensional rift, which sends them 1,000 years back in time. The Exarahn Badlands is a region that has been left chaotic and lawless after the fall of the ancient Exarahn Kingdom and before the establishment of the Hakanas Empire.

The Exarahn Badlands has a similar topography to the Hakanas Highlands. However, it is a world of eternal nightfall with a looming crimson moon, which starkly contrasts the blue skies and vibrant foliage of the Hakanas Highlands.

This area is restricted to Riders level 28 or higher to ensure that only those that have had sufficient experience in battle may enter. Upon entering the rift and arriving in the Exarahn Badlands, all Riders other than those in your guild, alliance or party will become targetable enemies! So, you will have to be aware of your surroundings at all times when questing or hunting wild beasts. Yes, the risks in this region are great, but so are the rewards.

Because there is no penalty for dying in PvP, Riders who don't usually enjoy PvP should still try out the Exarahn Badlands content at least once. There are quests to be completed and new areas to explore, as well as new mounts to tame for Riders ready to brave the dangers of the Exarahn Badlands.



The most powerful flying mount in the Exarahn Badlands is Nightmare, who you may recall as the black Pegasus Crow was riding when leading the escape from the Prison of Salant. This mount boasts high speeds both on land and in the air. It is also a very powerful seal option for PvP equipment.

Profane Apocalypse

The most powerful ground mount in the Exarahn Badlands is Profane Apocalypse - the twin of Ashuram's war horse, Apocalypse! Apocalypse was tamed by Ashuram, but Profane Apocalypse has never yet been tamed. Like Nightmare, Profane Apocalypse also spawns at a random location within the Exarahn Badlands. Profane Apocalypse is one of the stronger mounts, and may be difficult to tame alone, so get your Alliance and guildmates to help you!


Guild Alliances can be formed when guild masters from guilds of rank 3 or higher come together. Up to three guilds can be in a single Alliance. Once an Alliance is formed, guild members in the Alliance can share information through the alliance chat. Furthermore, they cannot attack each other even in the Badlands, as they will be perceived as allies.

The founding leader that establishes the Alliance can declare war on other Alliances. We call this an "Alliance War." Alliances that are engaged in battle can attack one another in the Exarahn Badlands and Parna's Coast. Players outside of an Alliance War cannot be attacked or attack others in Parna’s Coast. The ability to PvP in Parna’s Coast is strictly limited to players in an Alliance which is currently engaged in an Alliance war. To protect new low-level Riders, regions that came before Parna's Coast, such as the Hakana’s Highlands and Sea of Hakanas, do not allow PvP even during an Alliance War.

Defeating an opposing alliance member will increase your kill count, and the Alliance to first reach 200 kills will win the war. Alliances that win the war will be able to collect victory rewards. Though these rewards have not been finalized yet, we plan to add special buffs and other exclusive content that can be used by winning Alliance members.


Riders who are not a part of a guild or who are in a guild lower than rank 3 can register for the Militia to experience PvP in Exarahn Badlands. Players who are part of a Militia are allies, and can converse with one another. Militia members can also purchase buffs that will help in battle. More detailed information on Militias and how they work will be coming soon.


Another new PvP event that will be introduced with this update is the Manastone Battle. Manastone Battles take place once a week in the Exarahn Badlands. A server announcement will mark the beginning of a Manastone Battle. Simultaneously with this start, a Manastone will be spawned at a random location.

Essentially, Manastone mode is like capture the flag. Players can interact with and hold Manastones and will see their constitution (health and critical defense) increase tremendously. Riders who have the Manastone must return to town and deliver it to the Vantara Manastone Oracle. The simple rule is that the first Alliance to successfully deliver the Manastone wins!

The location of the Rider that obtains the Manastone will be displayed to all players within the Exarahn Badlands in real time. Members of Alliances or militias that don't have the Manastone must intercept the Manastone carrier and prevent them from returning it to the Vantara Manastone Oracle.

When the Manastone carrier goes down, the Manastone will be respawned at that location. However, if that Rider is intercepted and taken down too close to town, the Manastone will be spawned at a random location instead.

Special rewards will be given to the Alliance that wins the Manastone Battle including exclusive familiars. Riders will be able to demonstrate all the skill and savvy that they amassed from the Alliance Wars and Exarahn battlefields in Manastone Battles to become recognized as an elite master of PvP strategy and tactics.


These new PvP features are just weeks away from being introduced in Riders of Icarus. In the meantime, players can level their guild rank, forge an Alliance and otherwise prepare for the battles to come. Good luck in your preparation, and may the strongest Riders be victorious!