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Translators for German and French GENERAL

Are you the one we are looking for? A professional Translator? Come on and inquire ~

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Disconnection Issue in all Servers GENERAL

Radom Disconnection from every server.

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GM's Playground: Protect The Weak Winners (Week 4) GENERAL

Winners for Event: GM's Playground PVE

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Ellora's Shop Update for November 8 SALES

Trying your luck once again? The New Packages has it all ~

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[COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - November 8 UPDATES

We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on Thursday, November 8, 2018

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Rabbini Mark Lucky Box (Turimnan) GENERAL

Here's an update about the stone material that the players are getting from the Rabbini Mark lucky box

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Crokhoon’s Treasure Trove (October) EVENTS

Events, events, events! Come and check out the new Event that we have prepared for you! More packages and more items to be given away! ~

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[COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - November 1 UPDATES

Update 1: Maintenance has been completed

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Rabbini Day & ICARUS Day Miracles in ONE! (November) SALES

Check out the New packages that we have added that will help you to Temper a weapon/armor and Tame a familiar ~

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