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Fractura Update Preview

See what's coming in next week's update!


Deep in the barren lands of the Cloying Wastes lies a fortress, designed and constructed by the surviving Crokhoon society. The fortress towers in size and magnitude, providing a refuge for some of the most formidable enemies. Fractura introduces an all-new experience for our Riders, allowing parties of up to 10 players! In order to take on this challenge, Riders will need to coordinate and rally together.


The war between servers rages on in Stygaea and has extended its chaos into the Heart of Stygaea. This forsaken land is overseen by the great power of Oruun, whose gaze remains fixed on all who enter. The Heart of Stygaea introduces new familiars that Riders from all servers can compete to obtain!


Long ago, ancient entities roamed the lands exerting their might and leaving destruction in their wake. These entities were captured and confined to a prison that lies beneath Hakain’s Castle. Riders will be able to challenge these monsters in an all-new PvP zone!