Shady Warrens

Dive into Shady Warrens, a fantastical world of mystery and madness. Set aside your differences and claim the treasures that have been foraged by the Rabbinis. And, when all is said and done, relish the splendors that fishing has to offer!


Deep in the barren lands of the Cloying Wastes lies a fortress, designed and constructed by the surviving Crokhoon society. The fortress towers in size and magnitude, providing a refuge for some of the most formidable enemies.

Corruption of Light

Defend the light against the Chaos Elves! Soar through Ellora's Sanctuary and Windhome Canyon in search for the Demon Stone, the prison that holds the God of Ruin's soul. Seize it before the Chaos Elves are able to use it to unleash the God of Ruin upon the world!


Rise together and defeat the monstrous Sandstorm, a danger the likes of which no Rider has ever faced before! Travel to Stygaea to clash in PvP battles, and race to the top of Ellora’s Spire for fame and fortune!

Ranger's Fury

The arrival of the new Ranger class also heralds the arrival of an increase to the level cap to 50! Create a new Ranger or power up your current Riders to new heights as they gear up and learn all-new skills in preparation for their journey into the Cloying Wastes! 


Enter the Tritael Rift and journey into a dark void where Riders must band together to explore and survive this mysterious realm littered with the corpses of dragons and titans! 


Travel through a dimensional gate and enter the Exarahn Badlands, a realm of chaos where you and your fellow Riders will be able to battle in PvP combat and dominate for glory and treasures!

Blight of Frost Keep

Enter the new-snow covered lands of Parna's Coast and explore the dangers that await as you brave the icy challenges in Frost Keep or the underground maze within the Cavern of the Veil!